Papelón con limón

In this post we will give you a recipe for Papelón con Limon; an amazing summer drink, which you can make using one of our products- papelón.

What is Papelón?

Papelon, also known as panela, is unrefined whole cane sugar, typical in Latin America. It is made from the boiling and evaporation of sugarcane juice, producing a hardened, brown-coloured substance. Usually, it is sold either in round or square shapes. Its sweet flavour makes it perfect for many recipes and it is widely used in places like Venezuela, Colombia and Mexico (though it has different names in each country).

What can Papelón be used for?

Papelon is an amazing way to add natural sugars to many recipes and desserts as well as drinks. For example, it is used in Venezuelan Golfeados. It is a good substitute for sugar, although it doesn’t quite taste the same as the processed sugar you are accustomed to. In this blog, we will give you step by step instructions on how to use Papelón to make a sweet, summery beverage called Papelón con Limon.

lemons for papelon con limon

Wondering why it’s called Papelón con Limon?

As the name suggests, the drink consists of Papelón and Lemon. The only other ingredient is water! This simple recipe is easy to follow and only requires these three ingredients. You will need:

Please note that this is enough for about six servings, and the recipe should be adjusted depending on how many people you are making the drink for.

ingredients for papelon con limon
Ingredients needed: lemons, papelón and water. You might need utensils such as a knife or a grater as well as a lemon squeezer.

Papelón con limón recipe

Begin by cutting up your Papelón into pieces (as it is in the picture above). You can also grate papelón, which will make the next step faster. However, bearing in mind its texture, grating will not be as easy as cutting it into pieces.

After you have cut or grated you Papelón, you will need to put it in the water and wait for the Papelón to dissolve. This will take around 40 minutes to an hour but it will be worth it! Side note: ensure that the water isn’t cold, but rather at room temperature or slightly warm to speed up the process

Lastly, squeeze the lemons and add the lemon juice to the water and papelón mixture. Given how sweet papelón is, you will not need to add any sugar- a healthy alternative to a recipe for lemonade.

papelon con limon made with panela and lemons

Remember to Add Ice!

Once you have completed the steps above, mix the drink well and add lots of ice. It is best enjoyed cold! You can also add cut lemon slices as decoration and extra lemon flavouring. And voila! We hope you enjoy this refreshing summer drink.